Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well hello there...nice to meet you all!!! Just gonna give a little intro into who I am and what makes iheartsmiles so cool!!!

So this is me...

and my 1 year old little boy and my fab husband! They are my world...along with all the other imortant people in my life...but these two...yeah they keep me going! I *heart* them for sure!

So anyway here is my story...

Im a SAHM to my fun little guy and a wife. I used to teach elementary school to some sweet kids until my little one was born...then we decided for me to stay at home with him! I love it!

I have a creative soul...always have...always will. I like to make things, and think of things, and try to do things...and DREAM. I guess I dream A LOT!

When my little boy turned 1 I made his birthday invitations...they looked like this...

And so my new creative venture began...iheartsmiles!

So far I've made tons of invites, announcements, and Valentine's Day cards! Check them out on my etsy page...

So this is me and my new little store! I hope soon we can work together to make someone smile with a personalized greeting card or invitation! Because iheartsmiles A LOT!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hi! Im the face behind iheartsmiles! I've always been a creative gal although I have to say that little dino cutie I'm holding in this pic is my *greatest* creation! (With the help of my hubby of course)

I love blogging and webs design! I run a fun business called iheartsmiles and it just keeps branching and growing into lots and lots of fun and opportunities for this SAHM!
I graduated from Morehead State University in the sping of 2007 with a BA in Elementary Ed. and taught elementary school for 2 years until the birth of my little guy! Ever since them I've been spending my days hanging out with the sweetest little boy in the world!
Well...its not all easy but Im very thankful that I get to do it!
I surround myself with creative people and couldn't make it without them! We defintaly have a blast bouncing idea's off each other and dreaming big with them!
Can't wait to chat with you !