Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Signs

My little boy LOVES to take a bath...LOVES it! So the other night as we were getting everything ready for bed what does he do??? Runs back to the bathroom, smacks the door, then starts doing the sign for bath!!! I was a very proud mama!!!

How did we get to the point where he could sign that he wanted to take a bath? Watch and find out!!!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Found these yesterday and almost cried! They actually fit...and they fit RIGHT!!! As I was browsing the GAP (my old fav. place to get jeans pre-baby) I grabbed these knowing that when I got into the dressing room I would just be ready to scream because they were going to look not so hot...and the price tag wasn't a selling point either BUT to my suprise as soon as I slipped these babies on...I said with a smile to my little shopping buddy hanging out in his stroller..."These just got BOUGHT!" Holla!!!

Oh and PS they are the 1969 Sexy Boot style! &&& If you bring in your old denim you get 30% off!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

And the winner is...


You are the winner of my FREE

Let's get started!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Keep an eye out for gracieluvs NEW blog look!!!


p.s. Got lots of exciting things that are keeping me SO busy I've lost track of time and my mind...I'll be back to my bloggin self in no time!!! With lots of new updates!!! YAY

Monday, March 1, 2010

So Proud!!!

I started with iheartsmiles back in December right after Christmas. At first I only did fun photo cards and planned BIG for Valentines Day 2010...

This cutie was my best seller!
I *heart* Sock Monkeys!!!

Then I started dabbling in stuff like this...

As my love for graphic art grew I started dabbling into spicing up my blog and taught myself TONS of really cool stuff...

My little shop started evolving as friends and customers started requesting help with their blogs, websites, logos, banners, and so on...

So today is a BIG day for me because my *FIRST* blog makeover has gone LIVE at

So super proud to be apart of these two *SUPER* chic ladies blog!!! I had a blast and this is so exciting for me...

I think out of all of this I've learned that you just have to put yourself out there and start spreading your wings...follow your dreams and just watch as beautiful things happen!!!



Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Blog Makeover!!!

So I made it to *20* followers the other day!!! YAY!!!
and as is the *BIG SUPRISE*

are you ready???

iheartsmiles is giving away a



*(1)Custom Blog Banner
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Im so excited!!!

Here is how to enter...

1. You must follow this blog (click the follow button at the top of the screen and go from there)
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Thats it!!!

To have your name entered more times into the hat...

*become a fan of my facebook page 
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The contest ends Friday March 5th and the winner will be announced on Saturday March 6th!!! Good luck and happy bloggin!!


Friday, February 26, 2010

almost there...


Almost to 20 followers!!! Wohoo...Thats a HUGE deal for me!!! I mean were talkin HUGE!!! Im so excited and cant wait...and you should be SUPER excited as well because I've got a *BIG* suprised planned for when I reach 20 followers!!! Ohhhhhhh youre gonna LOVE it!!!

Invite your's gonna be a Par-Tay!!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dream Closet!!!

Every girl has one...a dream closet that is!!! This is in mine...

I love love *LOVE* the fabric rosettes! So pretty!

Whats in your *Dream Closet*???


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Everyone loves a great giveaway...don't they! YES THEY DO!!! I think it's what makes the web go round ;O)

Check out these won't be sorry!

is giving away this *CUTE* stuff!!!

list of goodies:

-a "owl love you forever" tote bag

- a turquoise & gold headband

- a necklace with paris charms (i.e. the Eiffel Tower, etc.)

- an I <3 Las Vegas key chain

- airheads (candy)

- and a little surprise goody made by me (the only item NOT pictured)

And All in a Day's Dream is giving away this...

Craft Necklace!!!

& I'm offering a

to go along with her giveaway!!!

So get on it and enter to win!!!

YAY for *FREE* stuff!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

etsy *CRUSH*

just stumbled upon this *CUTE* shop! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Super Cute screen printing going on here...makes me wanna tackle that yudu FO SHO!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010


to All In a Day's Dream Blog for reaching 15 fans!!! That rocks!!!

In honor of this huge accomplishment I am offering a *FREE* blog button give away!!!! Check out

All In a Day's Dream for more details!!!

17 weeks...

till summer! Yes its true! We had a teaser of sorts here in Ky yesterday with tempts in the high 50's! It was OH SO nice and a much needed change!!! Most of the snow finally melted away and hope is in the air of warmer weather!!!

So let me tell ya about my weekend...

Saturday was the official GRAND OPENING of

I am SO proud of this gal!!! She has always dreamed of having her own yarn shop and Im so glad her dream finally came true for her...she deserves it! Thanks for keeping the dream alive SB!!!

Sunday we held our quarterly *Craft Seminar* at my mother's house!!! This time we focused on card making with the cricut!!! (Yes, we have to focus or it gets WAY out of hand)  We worked on making these SUPER CUTE owl cards from the Wild Card Cartridge from cricut!!! So cute!!!

Oh and one more *SUPER COOL* thing happened to me...or well my car...the tire mainly this weekend! (JK) On my way to the crafting seminar...A pair of kitchen shearers totally made it into my back tire...looked kinda like this but not as cool...all I know is I heard a little something like this....thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, CRACK....

As if I didn't have enough excitement planned for the day!!! Bahaha...geez what luck I have!

P.S. Today is my BIG weigh in for our Slim By Summer Challenge over at a fox!!! Join us if you wish!!!


Friday, February 19, 2010

I do...

It was so much fun planning my wedding back in 2007! I mean I loved every part of picking out the colors, decor, dresses, flowers, invitations, food, favors, cake, and the list goes on and on and on!!! Its just a fact...weddings are fun!

Thanks to the awesome world of facebook ;O) I ran into this gal

Rayna Wallen Ortwein
isn't she cute!

Rayna is a *FABULOUS* wedding planner in Ky and I am just LOVIN what she is doing!
She has great taste and is just on top of everything like current trends, cool honeymoons, and everything to do with weddings!!!

One of my FAV weddings she has done would have to be this one...

So in the spirit of are a few fun finds from my dearest!

A Peacock Themed Wedding!

Wow that was fun! Maybe one day we will renew our vowels and I'll get to do it all over again!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Moose & Zee

My days as a SAHM are filled with LOTS of different things. But one special friend is FOR SURE going to make an appearance during the day...who you might ask???

MOOSE of course!!!

For some reason my little guy loves him! Something about his voice can send him running to the TV with a big smile on his face! And really...I happen to love him too!

Except when he sings this weird song around Halloween...

Nick Jr. is great! As a former elementary teacher I can totally appreciate the content that they cover on their programs! They also have TONS of uber cute crafts to do with your kids...

I got SUPER excited when I saw this one...

The directions seem SUPER simple...I really would like to attempt this one...I think it would make my little guy smile...

If Clay still loves Moose close to his 2nd B-day I think I'll do his party in a Moose & Zee theme!

Check out ALL of these CUTE Moose & Zee birthday things...

Cake Toppers by

Embroidered T's By

Of course iheartsmiles will be making the photo invites, banners, and decorations!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you spend today with the people you love!!!

It's only noon and already I'm having a great V-Day! My hubby woke up early with little man and ventured out and about to do "secret" things! When I got out of bed I was greeted by my little one (dressed in clothes 2 sizes too big, poor kid...) and some sweet V-Day gifts!!!

I got a sweet heart shaped locket from the my little Valentine and a card that said his hug was ready for pick up! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

& An *AWESOME* handstamped silver necklace from my hubby...courtesy of Pink Checkers Design!!! With lyrics to my current *FAV* dave song...I'm so lucky!!! I love my guys and am blessed to be able to share this day with them!!!

Here is some LOVE inspiration for you all...

Happy Valentine's Day !!!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

My element...

is Wood!!!

Well according to the new app on my phone! Yup! Interesting stuff! So here is a little shout out to my element...

So what does it mean if your element is wood??? Well a lot actually BUT my fav things about it are that it says my qualities are...

  • planning (hmm that explains the list making)

  • initiating new projects (duh)

  • imagination!

  • compassion & competition
Oh it says my season is SPRING!!! I would t-totally agree...the time of planting seeds, beginnings, and new growth!!! Sweet!

Interesting that I found out I was pregnant 2 springs ago...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm cool now...

or at least thats what my friend Becca said once she found out I got an iphone yesterday!!! I was super stoked to FINALLY get my hands on this little beauty!!!
ok i know its upside down...but hmmm oh well

As you can see I already have a purple rubber protector over fav color! BUT I am so excited to possibly make my own cover or get one of these cool handmade ones from etsy....

I like how it looks like a tie and shirt pocket...I bet you could make one out of an old shirt pocket and tie too... hmm thats one to throw at Crafty or Crunchy...

And then I found this...

These are all made of vintage ties!!! So cool!

Im a sucker for these by Pipoca Handmade
So...whoa cute!!

These are super cute!!!!  by Sydney Angel

I think the felt ones are *super* cute and possibly easy to make! Since I just learned how to knit...I think I am going to attempt the DIY from *ELSIE*

Click here for the tutorial!!!

Hopefully I'll be back in a jiff with pics and an update on my new iphone cover!!!

Have a great day!!! Im snowed in here so...