Monday, February 22, 2010

17 weeks...

till summer! Yes its true! We had a teaser of sorts here in Ky yesterday with tempts in the high 50's! It was OH SO nice and a much needed change!!! Most of the snow finally melted away and hope is in the air of warmer weather!!!

So let me tell ya about my weekend...

Saturday was the official GRAND OPENING of

I am SO proud of this gal!!! She has always dreamed of having her own yarn shop and Im so glad her dream finally came true for her...she deserves it! Thanks for keeping the dream alive SB!!!

Sunday we held our quarterly *Craft Seminar* at my mother's house!!! This time we focused on card making with the cricut!!! (Yes, we have to focus or it gets WAY out of hand)  We worked on making these SUPER CUTE owl cards from the Wild Card Cartridge from cricut!!! So cute!!!

Oh and one more *SUPER COOL* thing happened to me...or well my car...the tire mainly this weekend! (JK) On my way to the crafting seminar...A pair of kitchen shearers totally made it into my back tire...looked kinda like this but not as cool...all I know is I heard a little something like this....thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, CRACK....

As if I didn't have enough excitement planned for the day!!! Bahaha...geez what luck I have!

P.S. Today is my BIG weigh in for our Slim By Summer Challenge over at a fox!!! Join us if you wish!!!



  1. I have never seen anything like that! I'm glad we could laugh about it and our fun day wasn't ruined!

  2. oh what cute cars, I hope to own a cricut one day!!! Oh no about your tire :( that is lame, but also very weird it was scissors... Congragulations to your friends new shop opening!!!