Monday, February 15, 2010

Moose & Zee

My days as a SAHM are filled with LOTS of different things. But one special friend is FOR SURE going to make an appearance during the day...who you might ask???

MOOSE of course!!!

For some reason my little guy loves him! Something about his voice can send him running to the TV with a big smile on his face! And really...I happen to love him too!

Except when he sings this weird song around Halloween...

Nick Jr. is great! As a former elementary teacher I can totally appreciate the content that they cover on their programs! They also have TONS of uber cute crafts to do with your kids...

I got SUPER excited when I saw this one...

The directions seem SUPER simple...I really would like to attempt this one...I think it would make my little guy smile...

If Clay still loves Moose close to his 2nd B-day I think I'll do his party in a Moose & Zee theme!

Check out ALL of these CUTE Moose & Zee birthday things...

Cake Toppers by

Embroidered T's By

Of course iheartsmiles will be making the photo invites, banners, and decorations!!!



  1. I love it! That's my son's birthday shirt you posted! I love it!