Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm cool now...

or at least thats what my friend Becca said once she found out I got an iphone yesterday!!! I was super stoked to FINALLY get my hands on this little beauty!!!
ok i know its upside down...but hmmm oh well

As you can see I already have a purple rubber protector over it...my fav color! BUT I am so excited to possibly make my own cover or get one of these cool handmade ones from etsy....

I like how it looks like a tie and shirt pocket...I bet you could make one out of an old shirt pocket and tie too... hmm thats one to throw at Crafty or Crunchy...

And then I found this...

These are all made of vintage ties!!! So cool!

Im a sucker for these by Pipoca Handmade
So...whoa cute!!

These are super cute!!!!  by Sydney Angel

I think the felt ones are *super* cute and possibly easy to make! Since I just learned how to knit...I think I am going to attempt the DIY from *ELSIE*

Click here for the tutorial!!!

Hopefully I'll be back in a jiff with pics and an update on my new iphone cover!!!

Have a great day!!! Im snowed in here so...



  1. yay! Thanks for following my blog and leaving me a sweet comment :) I'm a new follower of your blog :) YAY for SAHMs!!!!!

  2. Love the owl! Soooo jealous of your new toy, too! :)