Sunday, January 10, 2010

Girl time!

The snow is truly starting to get me down...Im just kinda OVER it! Really! haha...yeah its beautiful BUT kinda makes me feel a little trapped here at home. So after 2 days of basically not leaving the house I was THRILLED (in my singing voice) to GET OUT!!!

Yesterday was my first class in Knitting 101 with Sarabeth at Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop! (A soon to be crafting hot spot in our little downtown!) Oh its gonna be so awesome!!! We got a little sneak peek yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL!

So for about 2 hours I got to have some serious girl time and learn the knit! Great combo! We laughed, joked, goofed around and learned an awesome skill that will stay with us forever!

I love being around other women and moms...its strange how the idea of good company changes over the years. But I do believe this is the best group I want to be involved with...woman and moms! What a powerful group of people...capable of SO much!

Its SOOOOOO important to be supportive and loving to our friends...because you know, we need it. You know that it feels so good to have someone say "Awesome Job" or "You rock!" or just "Hey girl have you lost weight!" haha ! So lets do that more...A LOT more!

Be supportive to someone you love...don't be afraid to tell them how awesome they are...I promise it wont take away from how awesome you are too! PROMISE!

Power to the MAMAS!!! There really is no stopping us!!!

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