Wednesday, January 27, 2010 a fox!

So the other day my sister and I were talking...dreaming...ya know just doing what we do best and DeAndra said..."We should have a group blog...ya know with our friends...and we could all post about different things! It would be SO COOL!" and I was like OK!!!
Anyway we somehow convinced these super fab gals to join our idea and so it begins!

our "group" blog!!! a fox!!! I know I are probably like??? HUH??? What the WHAT? Well just hold on to your bloomers and enjoy this ride! (Thats what she.........ugh!)

So what is this all about??? Good question! You ever get the feeling that great things are in the something huge is just waiting to be uncovered??? Well I think this is the start! We are a group of 5 women who are pretty cool! We do lots of different things and have LOTS to say! Follow us and learn how to be

Geeky like a fox... (thats me)

You won't regret it! I promise! So what do the foxes have to say really? A LOT! But mainly...we are here to support and encourage other women to be FOXY!!!

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