Tuesday, January 26, 2010

iheart-it Tuesdays!

So the past week was ABSOLUTLY beautiful...weather wise! We went out with only light jackets on and it felt almost like SPRING...super awesome. But today is a T-TOTALLY different experience...it's SnOwInG like crazy!!! Whoa!

My friends and I are workin up a little project that I can't really talk about yet...but I'm SUPER excited about it! Im sure A LOT of my day will be spent geeking it up like a fox ;O)

So it's Tuesday and time to tell you the things I'm *hearting* right now!!! Ready? Here it comes... (that's what she...I've got to stop with that!)

I've ALWAYS loved Dave...in a way thats just...well...if you are a Dave fan you know what I mean! My husband bought me the new Dave Matthews Band cd for Christmas. He let me open it early so we could listen to it for our long trek to Eastern Ky for Christmas Eve festivities...when THIS song played...I cried (in a good happy...OMG that touched my SOUL kind of cry! You know when your eyes just start watering...that kind of thing!) It's THE perfect song for RIGHT were we are as a family...

I would say Dave has played a HUGE role in my life...

As a dreamy teenager I sang along to Satalite, Crash, and all the earlier DMB songs and daydreamed about meeting the love of my life!

When I met that guy...I would say this CD was basically the soundtrack of our romance! I bought that guy and I tickets to see DMB at Riverbend for our 1 year anniversary of dating (it was SO awesome) And when I walked down the aisle to marry that man...my cousin played "Crash" on his guitar. It was beautiful...

I *heart* DMB SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much...and I soooooo badly want to see them again this summer at Hullabaloo in Louisville...it's on my 25 before 26 list!

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