Monday, February 1, 2010

Inspire me...


One thing that is SO true in my I never lack inspiration to be creative...NEVER! However I do lack inspiration to become organized...or anything that resembles order at all in my house. Anyone who has ever REALLY known known me enough to see my bedrooms, apartments, cars, heck even my classroom when I was a teacher knows a secret about me...I'm messy!!!

I like to think that its a sign that I am creative...I like to have things out where I can see them.  But I feel like I REALLY need to put my big girl panties on and get going. So yesterday was spent purging, cleaning, and RE-ORGANIZING my master bathroom!

I am blessed! I have a beautiful bathroom that is painted the prettiest, most tropical green ever with accents of dark brown wood blinds, and beautiful cabinets and a jack and jill vanity sink. Its lovely really...very nice....when you can see it all!!!

I wanted it to look and feel like the Mexican resort Ollie and I stayed at on our Honeymoon... but somewhere along the way I had a feeling of dread going into that room rather than relexation and luxery!!

So I busted my rear all day cleaning and reorganizing...and now I am PROUD to say it looks and feels just like how I always lets just PRAY it stays that way!!!

here is my *new* bathroom organizer shelving thing!

Check out realsimple(dot)com for great organization tips!!!

Here are some AWESOME organization must haves that are OH SO beautiful!!! They *INSPIRE* me to get my life in order!!!



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