Friday, February 5, 2010


Well last night was my first time showing our little town what iheartsmiles is all about!!! Thanks to my handy hubby I got to show off my fab photo cards on a super cool red frig!!! Check it out!...

pardon the flash!

Since we kinda "know" someone who has a metal business we got our hands on some red metal and had it cut 3 ft x 5 ft. then sliced down the middle to resemble a side by side frig! Then my hubby and I used gorilla glue to attach it to wood on the back for stability!!! After that I decorated it with a black sharpie!

I cut out these *SUPER* cute quote bubble magnets out of fun foam!

and of course my FAB banner made by Crafty Fox DeAndra!

I had SO much fun in Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop!!!
She had TONS of people come in a take a sneak peek of her shop! She offered LIVE spinning demonstrations, free coffee, and tea!!! Such a gracious host!

It was a great night to say the least!!!


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