Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Techno Tuesdays!

Shoo today has been lots of interesting! I've been planing BIG TIME for my *FIRST* public iheartsmiles debut this Thursday here in Winchester! Its called Wine About Winter and is super exciting!!!

Our Winchester First Director was on WTVQ this morning chattin it up with Chris Dietz! She is so cute! LOVE HER!!!

iheartsmiles along with Pink Checkers Design will be set up inside Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop!!! Its going to be a B-L-A-S-T!!! So if you are around...come say HI! and wave really frantically at us! We love when that happens!!

So every tuesday I contribute to a fun little group blog called ...like a fox! I've told you all about this but today was my *FIRST* official post as none other than ...

So head on over to ...like a fox! for an EASY PEASY tutorial on how to get a funky little widget with a copy/paste html on your blog like this...


It's super easy and those little widgy poo's are SO cute!!! Great way to spread the word about your blog too!!!

Oops I here the little one cryin...peace!

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